Features: Providers Portal

mymediport is a better way to organize and manage your medical reports.
Your entire medical history in one place, available with a single touch.

Quick access to comprehensive patient medical history means

Improved accuracy of diagnosis
Accurate diagnosis for better and improved patient care
More informed diagnosis
No longer forced into hasty decisions because of incomplete information
Optimizing business metrics
Reduced administration costs; Increase both top line and bottom line growth; shorter care cycles; better management of risk
  • A single portal unifying all institutions
  • Consolidate Clinical Summary: Search & View aggregated clinical summary of Patients from their healthcare providers for efficient diagnosis and plan of care.
  • Keep track of your patient’s allergies.
  • View present and past conditions.
  • View patient’s immunization statement.
  • Easily accessible past imaging reports.
  • Complete lab results to help you make the right decision.
  • Track and schedule your patient’s medication schedule
  • View patient’s procedure history complete with dates and details.
  • View and track your patient’s vitals whenever, wherever.
  • Quick and Easy access to complete lab results archive.
  • Compare different vitals and lab results with/against each other for informed diagnosis.
  • Customize and create templates relevant to your Medical Specialty
  • Easy Patient Search: Look up your patients in seconds.
  • Specific drill-down ability to view even the most detailed information like doctor’s notes from each visit.
  • HIPAA, HITRUST & SOC2 Compliant: Your data is stored on a bulletproof state of the art secured infrastructure
  • Data Interoperability: Based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Standard