Features: Patient App

mymediport is a better way to organize and manage your medical reports.
Your entire medical history in one place, available with a single touch.

Quick access to comprehensive medical records across healthcare providers means

Accurate and speedy diagnosis
Accurate and speedy diagnosis means you get improved care, get healthy faster, avoid problems, save time and money ; and get greater peace of mind.
All Your History In One Place
Integrated medical history across multiple hospitals, clinics, labs and healthcare institutions
Timely Access
Access to critical medical history in case of emergency that can be life saving
  • One-step Onboarding: Sign-up within seconds!
  • Your data from multiple Healthcare Providers combined in a single, manageable application.
  • Hassle Free! Connect with your Healthcare provider in seconds to access your health data.
  • Frequent Updates: We frequently add new features and functionality to mymediport.
  • Instant Access to Care Givers: Your healthcare providers can access your data on the go!
  • Ease of Access: Your data is always available.
  • Efficient Diagnosis: Your provider can also access your medical history from mymediport making healthcare fast and efficient.
  • Allergies: Up to date information on allergies.
  • Conditions: Track your conditions anywhere.
  • Doctor Visits: Automatically track your doctor visits.
  • Immunization: Automatically updated immunization history.
  • Immunization Reports: For when you are traveling and need to share your immunization.
  • Imaging Reports: Completely accessible Imaging Reports
  • Lab Results: All of your lab results in one place.
  • Medications: Track your medication schedules
  • Observations: Insightful notes from your doctor
  • Procedures: View your procedure history complete with dates and details
  • Vitals: View your vitals whenever wherever.
  • Lab Charts: Complete lab results accessible anywhere.
  • Comparative Analysis: Up to date analytics and trends to keep you healthy and ready.
  • Pre-filled forms: Automatically fill forms when visiting your doctor.
  • HIPAA, HITRUST & SOC2 Compliant – Your data is stored on a bulletproof state of the art secured infrastructure.
  • Data Interoperability – Based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Standard.
  • Network of Healthcare Partners: Our platform is partnering with EHR providers to provide users with greater outreach and interoperability
  • Fully Private: We never share, use or disclose your health data to any third-party.
  • When you need to access your data the most, avoid the hassle of long waits and turnaround times from your Clinics and Hospitals. With MMP you can share your data how you want, when you want
  • Share data as a PDF: Share or print your medical summary within a few clicks*
*Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly subscription to access premium features.