Frequently asked questions

What is mymediport?

The mymediport platform (patent pending) is a highly secure, integrated data repository and an analytics engine, designed to provide multiple useful and much needed services to many stakeholders in the Global Healthcare Industry. We have started our journey with focus on the USA healthcare industry first and will scale up globally as we grow. Currently, for the USA market, mymediport provides a mobile patient app and a healthcare provider portal with the ability to securely integrate patient medical history data from across multiple disparate disconnected silos. The mymediport platform presents integrated information along with insights to both patients and healthcare providers with easy access, sharing and analysis features. The mymediport patient app can securely get your patient medical history delivered to you in a snap! This means patients get better and faster quality care. Similarly, healthcare providers and health systems get better operational and financial metrics, significant improvement in quality of care, better reputation and a competitive advantage. The mymediport solution is made in consultation with healthcare experts & practitioners, uses researched patients’ and doctors’ journey-maps, and has founders who are distinguished medical practitioners and global leaders in developing enterprise-class systems integration technology and platforms. This is why mymediport helps dramatically improves the patient experience, lowers their medical costs over lifetime, while ensuring healthcare providers and health systems lower their health management costs, and increase revenue opportunities through faster recoveries.

How does mymediport ensure my data is private?

Privacy and Protection of Health Information is at the foundations of mymediport. We strive to ensure that you are the only custodian of your Health Information.
mymediport stores all your data in a highly-secured HIPAA and HITRUST compliant platform. All data that we store on mymediport is always encrypted. Even our team of engineers never know or can access your Protected Health Information. We work with our partners to ensure that we follow and are always compliant with Health information standards and laws such as HIPAA.

How can mymediport help me with my next doctor visit?

If your healthcare providers are mymediport subscribers, each of them can use the mymediport Provider Portal to access your health record from all your doctors/healthcare providers. This ensures interoperability between multiple healthcare providers enabling a fast and efficient diagnosis and assist in providing you with the best care.

If your healthcare provider is not a mymediport partner you can ask them to join our network, or use our premium features to create and share PDF documents which include your health record and also fill out doctor forms which can help you save time and the hassle at your next doctor visit.

Where can I find the app?

mymediport is available to users for Apple iOS and Android Devices.

I am outside the US, can I access my Health record?

Currently, mymediport is available only for USA healthcare markets.

How can I access my health record?

mymediport integrates and partners with EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) providers across the US to allow users access to their personal health records/ medical history. If we have integrated with your EHR or your healthcare provider, they will be listed in the application. You can also click here to view the list of available Clinics/Hospitals.

You may need to request credentials (username/password from your Healthcare provider) to securely connect and access your health record. These credentials will be the same that you use to individually log in to your healthcare providers portal.

How do I know my Clinic/Hospital is integrated with mymediport?

We are always working hard to connect to new EHR (Electronic Health Record) Systems. You can click here to check if your Healthcare Provider is connected with mymediport. If not, please request your healthcare provider to contact us at [email protected] to get connected to us .

Does mymediport share my Protected Health Information data with any third-party?

mymediport never shares or discloses your Protected Health Information to any 3rd party. Our Privacy and Security Policy is available here.

Can I share my data with a relative?

As a premium customer you can create and export PDF documents from your health record. You may then share this document with any concerned person that you like. Please review our End User License Agreement and Privacy and Security Policy before you share.

How do I connect my Clinic/Hospital with mymediport?

  1. Download the mymediport app for your device (available on iOS and Android).
  2. Create an account and Log-in to mymediport.
  3. Follow the step-by-step guide to connect your Clinic/Hospital source.
  4. Sync with your source hospital/clinic to access your health record.

Do you charge for every hospital I connect with the app?

We do not charge for adding Hospital/Clinics. So go ahead and make sure you connect with all your healthcare providers to fully benefit from the features of mymediport.

We do have some features accessible to Premium Users, which makes it easier for you to share your health records with others or saves you the hassle of filling out forms at your next doctor visit.

I think some data in the app is incorrect. How can I get it corrected?

mymediport never modifies or changes your data in any way. What you see in the app is exactly what has been sent to us by your healthcare provider.

If you believe that some data in the application is inconsistent or inaccurate, you can contact your healthcare provider and request a change.

How does the app update my information?

We are connected to a diverse range of Healthcare provider EHRs. Some of them notify us automatically when your data is updated, and we do an auto sync with them to download your latest data.  For some, you will have to initiate a sync via our app to access new data.

You can always sync with your source(s) to check if new data is available. It is advised to sync after doctor visits or lab tests. We are always working to add new features to the app.

Can I share my data with my provider?

Yes! If your healthcare provider is a partner with mymediport, they can access your data using the mymediport Provider app. This will ensure efficient diagnosis with your history and records always being on-hand every time you visit your doctor.

If your healthcare provider is not a mymediport partner, you can ask them to join our can also use premium features to create and share PDF documents which include your health record. You can also fill out doctor forms which can help you save time and the hassle at your next doctor visit.

Is the app free to download?

mymediport is absolutely free to download. You can download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play.