mymediport is a highly secure, cognitive data integration engine and analytics platform, designed to provide many useful and much-needed services to stakeholders in the Global Healthcare Industry. We started our journey with a focus on the USA healthcare industry first and will scale up globally as we grow. Currently, for the USA market, mymediport provides a mobile patient app and a healthcare provider portal with the ability to securely integrate patient medical history data from across multiple disparate disconnected Electronic Health Record (EHR)/ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems while utilizing its patent-pending ‘Care with Augmented Intelligence (CAREwAI)’ integration middleware. The mymediport CAREwAI middleware presents integrated information along with insights to both patients and healthcare providers with easy access, sharing and analysis features. The mymediport patient app can securely provide medical history delivered to patients in a snap! This means patients get better and faster quality care. Similarly, healthcare providers and health systems get better operational and financial metrics, significant improvement in the quality of care, better reputation, and a competitive advantage. The mymediport platform is developed in consultation with healthcare experts & practitioners, uses researched patients’ and doctors’ journey-maps, and has founders who are distinguished medical practitioners and global leaders in developing enterprise-class cognitive integration technology and platforms. This is why mymediport dramatically improves the patient experience, lowers their medical costs over a lifetime while ensuring healthcare providers and health systems lower their health management costs, and increase revenue opportunities through faster recoveries.

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