mymediport is live now on the App Store and Google Play!

mymediport is currently capable of integrating with Patient History data from 40+ EMR/EHR systems used by clinics and hospitals across the US. mymediport also integrates with Apple HealthKit's Health Records.

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With mymediport, quick access to comprehensive patient medical history means more accurate and informed diagnosis, while optimizing business metrics.

Quick access to comprehensive medical records across healthcare providers means accurate and speedy diagnosis, timely access, and all of your medical history in one place.

Our cognitive data integration platform resolves multiple pain points while reducing opex.

A must-have revolutionary Patient App:


All your medical history from multiple healthcare providers now available in one app at your fingertips

Patient App available for both iOS and Android mobile devices with the ability to share your data with people you trust in a secure manner

Take control of your health with analytics and insights to live a healthier life

A powerful Doctor’s Portal


View patient history integrated across multiple healthcare providers with information needed to quickly make the best diagnosis possible

Get powerful multilevel insights from easy to use and powerful analytics

Lightning fast search and intuitive User Experience makes mymediport portal a seamless potent ally

Better health outcomes for
digital-first Health Systems

Doctor’s assistance for quicker diagnosis because of immediately accessible integrated patient history data
Efficiencies and administrative cost reduction from Doctor’s Portal add up across practices and hospitals
Faster and more efficient collaborative workflows across Healthcare Institutions.
Reduce the need for redundant and expensive lab tests where prior lab test data is not readily accessible.

Powered by a Fusion of Passion and Expertise

Mickey Iqbal (CEO mymediport, ex-IBM Vice President, IBM Master Inventor, IBM Fellow, and Asian American Engineer of the Year, 2018) talks about how mymediport powers the healthcare revolution.